Millimeter-Wave Electronics Group
Queen's University at Kingston

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Group Leader

             Carlos Saavedra, Ph.D. (Cornell), B.Sc. (Virginia)

Curriculum Vitae

Prof. Saavedra received the Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, in 1998. He was a Senior Engineer at Millitech Corporation, Northampton, Massachusetts, where he was lead designer for 38 GHz point- to-point broadband wireless transceivers.   In 2000 he joined the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Queen's University at Kingston where he currently holds the rank of Full Professor.  He served as ECE Graduate Chair from 2007 to 2010.  While on Sabbatical leaves, he has held visiting appointments at the University of Navarra, San Sebastian, Spain, the Universidade Federal of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil and the University of Twente, Netherlands. Prof. Saavedra is Guest Associate Editor of the IEEE Open Journal of Antennas and Propagation. Previously he has served as Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques and as Guest Editor of the IEEE Microwave Magazine.

Group Members
  • Dr. Aditya Singh, Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Ian Goode, PhD candidate
  • Matt Brown, PhD candidate
  • Shabnam Andevari, PhD candidate
  • Hayden Banting, PhD candidate


Visiting faculty and Postdoctoral Fellows (PDFs)
  • Dr. Lyda Herrera, PDF
  • Dr. Miguel Ruphuy, PDF
  • Dr. Arcesio Arbelaez, PDF
  • Dr. Xiao Yang, PDF
  • Dr. A. Corona, Visiting Faculty
  • Dr. Emmanuel Torres, PDF
  • Dr. Ahmed El-Gabaly, PDF
  • Dr. L. C. Moreira, PDF

  • Aditya Singh, PhD   
  • Lyda Herrera*, PhD   
  • Arthur Torres Costa*, PhD   
  • Sean Whitehall, PhD
  • Hao Li, PhD
  • Mahdi Mohsenpour, PhD
  • A. Arbelaez*, PhD
  • F. Baumgratz*, PhD
  • Ahmed El-Gabaly, PhD
  • Jiangtao Xu*, PhD
  • F. Perez*, PhD
  • Brad Jackson, PhD
  • Denis Zheng, PhD
    [*] co-supervised

  • Hayden Banting, M.A.Sc.
  • John McRae, M.A.Sc.
  • Glad Dragos, M.Eng.
  • Lin Wang, M.Eng.
  • Eric Merkley, M.Eng.
  • Mina Wahib*, M.A.Sc.
  • Zhejian Zhao, M.Eng.
  • Jeet Mondal, M.A.Sc.
  • Fan Jiang, M.A.Sc.
  • Wen Li, M.Eng.
  • David Stewart, M.A.Sc. 
  • Shan He, M.A.Sc.
  • Min Wang, M.A.Sc.
  • Stanley Ho, M.A.Sc.
  • Justin Chan*, M.Eng.
  • A. M. El-Gabaly, M.A.Sc.
  • Francesco Mazzilli*, M.Sc. 
  • M. Rukanuzzaman*, M.Sc.
  • Gideon Yong, M.A.Sc.
  • Mariusz Jarosz, M.Sc.
  • Mridula Das, M.Eng.
  • Wei Yang, M.Eng.
  • T. Karamat*, M.Eng.
  • Brad Jackson, M.A.Sc.
  • Yang Zhang, M.A.Sc.
  • Denis Zheng, M.A.Sc.

  • Benjamin Eisen
  • Isabella Lavrisa
  • Ian Goode
  • Matt Brown
  • Humberto Paz
  • Sarah Burton
  • Ryan Veenkamp
  • Nabil Akel
  • Antonio Sanchez
  • Pablo Neiman
  • Joe Fraresso
  • Jonathan Sewter
  • Jorge Leon

Recent Capstone Project Supervisees
  • Daniel Balicki, Ben Merriam and Christopher Pegrum
  • Elisha Martis, Rachel Smith, Denis Grajo and Stephen Obadinma
  • Alexander Spafford, Alec Glover, Michael Briggs, Michael Dowling
  • Andrew Dunsmoor, Clinton Lau, Mitchell Peterson
  • Justin Chow, Jeremie Jollivet, Riley Kirkpatrick, Jeremy Roy
  • Matt Hahn, Kevin Huang, Patrick Dang-Ho, Ash Niazi
  • Peter Davidge, Luke Durst, Mark Mitchell